Simon Gaiger

My sculptures are made from wood, metal and the materials that I find around me. They are descriptions of the elements, forces and patterns within the landscape, natural and manmade, a synthesis of where these meet, clash or unify. Laid hedges, sea defences, harbours, old boundaries, disused railway lines. Places where the memory of man is recorded in nature influence me, as do mans engineered devices that steer or harness the elemental forces. Where nature bends to mans hand for a moment then turns and moves on.  References also come from my childhood in Africa and the South Pacific.

Many pieces have moveable parts or suggest a use, inviting the viewer to respond by re-arranging, touching or changing the form. Obviously tactile elements are either offered up or shielded. Colour is used simply, either to accentuate the play of light or as distinct colours to emphasise particular aspects.


Fallen-Sky-2 : Simon Gaiger


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