Gallery Opening ‘Light, Form & Sound’

Circle Contemporary here at Hawksfield is pleased to invite you to its inaugural opening with “Form, Light & Sound” an exhibition of art works by John O’Caroll , Peter Hayes, Simon Gaiger, Deborah Mitchell. 

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Peter Hayes

I have always been interested in – why and how ‘things’ are made of clay. One of the major introductions I had to ceramics was digging Neolithic iron age and roman samien shards on archaeological digs somewhere in Wales while trying to survive as an art student in Birmingham. I am naturally drawn to shapes…

Simon Gaiger

My sculptures are made from wood, metal and the materials that I find around me. They are descriptions of the elements, forces and patterns within the landscape, natural and manmade, a synthesis of where these meet, clash or unify. Laid hedges, sea defences, harbours, old boundaries, disused railway lines. Places where the memory of man…

Welcome to Hawksfield

New ventures in the centre units will comprise of a contemporary art gallery holding interesting art and sculptural exhibitions. The studio will house our resident artist John O‘Carroll. John is an internationally recognised local artist as well as a specialist on ancient textures and materials used by artists from previous millenniums. His expertise ranges from Egypt where he is a…

John O’Carroll

John O’Carroll is an artist who is also a polymath. His wide knowledge of archaeology, geology, palaeontology and ancient history has been informed by his various travels. Born in Cornwall, John has spent much of his adult life abroad working and exhibiting in America, Holland and Egypt. .